She Gets It!

In response to a lame article from by Mark Wilson at Corey gets it!

You began your article already deciding you despised the Model X and then attempted to justify those feelings. Your analysis has nothing against the Model X beyond its “aesthetic” and the gull wings.

First off, have you driven a Tesla? A coworker just received his Model S and he was kind enough to let me experience it outside of the showroom. Every inch of that car is designed with incredible detail and thought. It’s a designer’s dream – every piece is flush and unnecessary elements are gone. Even the rear-view mirror had me gasping as it floated there without a frame. This vehicle is amazingly quiet. If not for the wheels moving on the pavement, you could hear a pin drop. It adjusts it’s positioning based on your speed for aerodynamic flexibility. It has no ignition and senses the presence of the driver by the “key”… to which you will see the door handles pop out from the body. Not only does this increase its aerodynamic functionality, but it increases safety in urban settings and it looks sexy as hell! And what a detail it is.

As far as the dash monitor goes, I’m either way on it. They could have used the same-old buttons, but the benefit of a screen makes the interface possibilities nearly endless. Beyond that, it means Tesla can provide software upgrades whereas the typical button/radio dashboard is dated immediately.

And so far we haven’t even mentioned the fact that this is all-electric and a very science-driven vehicle. It gets hundreds of miles to the charge when used efficiently. Tesla is placing super-chargers between major cities where most of its buyers are so they can go on longer trips. These re-charge stops would only require 15-30 minutes.

This company is doing wonders for the progression of vehicle technology, and you spat on it because you think its too “sexy” and “pornographic”? On your next article, please look at facts, figures, and CONTEXT instead of just your own emotions. Try driving the vehicle.

Gull wings work wonders for tall people, by the way.


Model X from S – YES!!!

We reserved a Model X today from the touchscreen of our Model S. Sweet! Enjoy…

Some Great News Today

Model X was a big star at the Detroit Auto show, here are some links.

I hope to have some big news about the cattledog family and a certain Model X in a few days…


This our homepage about our ownership experience with the upcoming Tesla Model X. Tesla Model X

Wait, we don’t own one yet! We have reserved a Model S which should arrive within a couple days. Once we drive that for, oh, a couple hours, I’m pretty sure we’ll be confident reserving our Model X. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you might wander over to our Model S Blog,